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    I was listening to NPR’s

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    I was listening to NPR’s Morning Edition on the way to work and heard that the head of the href="http://www.fs.fed.us/">National Forest Service had stepped down. href="http://www.fs.fed.us/intro/chiefbio.shtml">Mike Dombeck’s job was actually protected from the new Bush
    administration but when it became apparent Dubya wanted to “change” how the Forest Service does business (i.e. open thousands
    of acres of national forest to logging as well as new oil, gas and mining operations), Dombeck opted to step down and

    I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand I wish Dombeck stayed in his position and fought the administration
    publicly. But of course this would have been impossible without him becoming a major scape-goat. On the other hand, I hope
    that Dombeck’s very public resignation sends a message to both the Bush administration and to the public - reminding them how
    the new administration appears to have little concern for the environment and who’s every statement lately seems to be
    reversing environmental policy in favor of big business and high polluting energy generating organizations.

    Further proof of this comes today as Bush
    refuses to put price caps on energy
    . While I agree that forcing people to pay for what electricity, gas etc that they use,
    I feel that Californians are being completely shafted. I’ll have to look around but I believe the power generating companies
    are selling power to the utilities at something like 200-400% profit. Unbelievable.


    Heard from a friend at

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    Heard from a friend at the Wall Street Journal that major high-tech companies are cutting back on travel and haven’t been
    able to send executives to meetings in Wash. DC at places like the Dept. of Commerce, Senate etc.


    Ouch. Sorry. The Winmag.com site

    Filed under: B.K. DeLong @ 12:21:19 pm


    Sorry. The Winmag.com site is no longer in operation.

    Spell it with me: R-E-C-E-S-S-I-O-N.

    Interesting. This morning I read

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    Interesting. This morning I read on MetaFilter that George Bush
    tried to convince his EPA Secretary to join
    him in reneging on his Carbon Dioxide promises. She refused and in an effort to defend herself, the EPA href="http://washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/onpolitics/transcripts/whitmanmemo032601.htm">leaked a confidential memo to the
    President from her.

    So in the end it’s what Bush and the money-hungry people he seems to represent wants…not the will of the people. I just
    don’t get it. How did he get elected President? He seems to be representing only the corporations, rich and greedy
    conservatives and the religious right. I don’t even have to make this stuff up….sheesh.


    A user on one of

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    A user on one of the email lists I’m on posted a link to Scorecard.org’s href="http://www.scorecard.org/community/cmy-cap-who.tcl?fips_county_code=25025&name=SUFFOLK&zip_code=02135&pollutant=nox">top
    polluter’s in Boston. I checked href="http://www.scorecard.org/community/cmy-cap-who.tcl?fips_county_code=25009&name=ESSEX&zip_code=01970&pollutant=so2″>the
    list for Salem and was appalled to see the href="http://www.scorecard.org/env-releases/cap/facility.tcl?facility_id=25009%2d1626″>amount of pollution being expelled
    by the Salem Harbor Power Plant. I’ve heard stores from href="http://www.artemisiabotanicals.com/about/">my herbalist teacher of how she won’t wildcraft (pick) herbs in town or
    even drink much tap water due to how bad it is. This freaks me out….there’s not much I can do myself but it might help to do
    some research. It pisses me off that Dubya has backed off on his promise
    to curb carbon dioxide initiatives while paving the way
    for more coal-burning energy initiatives
    .. especially in the wake of a report stating that href="http://www.aibs.org/biosciencelibrary/vol51/mar01special.ldml">acid rain is still a problem in the Northeast US.
    Hello? Hydrogen? href="http://www.eren.doe.gov/RE/bioenergy.html">Biomass? Solar? href="http://www.eren.doe.gov/RE/wind.html">Wind?

    It turns my crank that Bush is intent on completely exploiting resources like coal and oil (MAJOR pollutants) which will
    trash our environment not to mention deplete over time. Why not give tax incentives to explore href="http://www.eren.doe.gov/">alternative, renewable energy now and save places like the href="http://www.r7.fws.gov/nwr/arctic/arctic.html">Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from harmful drilling? (Oil
    exploration my ass)

    The IE6 Public Preview was

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    The IE6 Public Preview was released today. I checked it against
    some of my old IE5.5 HTML tests and found that
    IE6 beta does not pass any of them. These 4 tests are by no means all the issues but they are the ones I got around to testing
    during the last round of IE betas. I’m hoping MS will post info about where to submit bug info for the public preview soon.

    I’ve just had a case

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    I’ve just had a case of hiccups for the last 20 minutes and it’s been driving me NUTS. I tried holding the breath and
    eating raw sugar with no luck. So I took to the Web. Sure enough - I found
    a cure that worked instantly

    Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. However, if you REALLY concentrate on seeing if the cure worked, it will.
    The cure isn’t the act of drinking water upside-down, or holding your breath, or being scared. The REAL cure is the wait AFTER
    the trick cure that is the real cure.

    So I just did away with the trick part of the cure. When I start to hiccup, I stop what I’m doing and concentrate
    on waiting for my next hiccup. It never comes. The WAIT is the cure.

    The deadling for Federal Web

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    The deadling for Federal Web accessibility
    is looming:

    “We would have liked a longer window,” Cleland said. While companies so far have been reluctant to openly criticize the
    six-month deadline, Cleland said he knows of at least one meeting of a number of prominent companies where leaders discussed
    ways they could delay the deadline.

    “They’re in a very tricky political position,” he said, but “I will be stunned if we don’t see some companies coming
    forward (to protest) as the deadline approaches.”

    Well if you won’t do something good for the people on your own….then I say kudos to the government for stepping in. But
    it wouldn’t surprise me if the Bush administration pulls a fast one on us yet again and delays the deadline. They seem to be
    reversing everything else good that the Clinton administration including multiple environmental laws, labor laws, and
    relations with North Korea and China that Bush appears to have given a big “Fuck you” to.

    Not holding my breath on this one.

    Good WaSP Members don’t go

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    Good WaSP Members don’t go away, they just href="http://www.adaptivepath.com/">take a break. Welcome
    , Jeff.


    It’s taken a couple of

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    It’s taken a couple of months but the Artemisia Botanicals Web site is
    finally live. I hope to add a lot more features including an “Herblog” for the store’s owner, Teri Kalgren, and by the end of
    April people should be able to shop online.


    Herbal Rules of Etiquette #1:

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    Herbal Rules of Etiquette #1: Never apply Tea Tree Oil to your skin when guests are
    in the room - especially if they are prone to smell-induced migraines.


    I continue to believe that

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    I continue to believe that publishers will let anyone write a book. While my previous rants have focused on the fact that
    the computer book publishing market will take anyone who writes a half-way legible book proposal littered with technical
    jargon the Village Voice has proved that it’s not just tech
    that fall within this category.

    One title, David L. Buhlman’s Final Warning, billed as “an adventure story about a bleak near future that may be more likely
    than most would care to admit,” imagines life after a takeover by the pagan-feminist New World Way. “In order to control
    population growth, people are put to death at age sixty, abortions are forced, and the sickness of pedophilia is legalized and
    encouraged. But with boys only, not girls. Girls are protected because they are identified with the goddess Gaia, the
    religious myth that undergirds the New World Way. The mainline Christian denominations are forced to insinuate the Gaian
    rituals into all religious ceremonies, and religious leaders who would not cooperate are imprisoned.” The novel also features
    cloned ratmen who probably aren’t Christian either.

    MetaFilter is 2 yrs old.

    Filed under: B.K. DeLong @ 1:41:42 pm

    MetaFilter is 2 yrs old. Yay!

    I was watching The Spin

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    I was watching The Spin Room on CNN last night and caught this
    interesting and amusing snippet of conversation between hosts Bill Press, Tucker Carlson and guest author/actor href="http://www.salon.com/audio/2000/10/05/m_mccourt/">Malachy McCourt:

    Bill Press: Now, my first question to you is I was shocked today, I’ve always – I’ve known all my life about St. Patrick,
    the patron saint of the Irish, I learned today that he was actually born in England and captured as a slave when he was 16 and
    taken to Ireland. You mean to tell me that you Irish all this time have been singing the praises to some Brit?

    Malachy McCourt: Yeah. We’re suckers for matinee idols. No, he was captured by Niall of the Nine Hostages and brought to
    Ireland and put to work on the hills, and there he fell in love with sheep, but then he escaped and went back to wherever the
    hell he went to.

    But then he decided to come back and convert the Irish, and they thought, oh well, he talks – he speaks a good line, so
    let him in, and off he went, and the next thing they’re all Catholic and a perfectly good pagan civilization was totally
    ruined by this man.

    Tucker Carlson: So, that is the genesis of the anger at the British then?

    Malachy McCourt: Well, we’re not really angry at them. How can you get angry at your inferiors?

    Apparently George W. Bush will

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    Apparently George W. Bush will not be corresponding with
    family and friends via email
    while he’s President of the United States. I guess that’s a good thing seeing as he can’t
    seem to safely articulate himself even in public.


    So, this next week will

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    So, this next week will be a doozy. I have my mother-in-law visiting all week - whom I would never survive without. Every
    couple of months she come to visit for a week or two, and completely cleans & reorganizes our house. She’s amazing! Plus, I
    have my youngest brother showing up Monday afternoon with his “girl friend". Yes, one space. He refuses to confirm or deny
    their relationship so I have to wait and see. Now since she’s only 18 and on Spring Break from a college on the shores of
    Eastern Maryland, she is being accompanied by her friend. So I have 6 people in the house until Wed when my brother and his
    entorauge depart and my wife heads to Maryland for a conference. She will be returning Friday with her father (to pick up her
    mother) and my the middle child in my family, whom I invited up since he also enjoys working on projects with my

    Wow. I’m going to need a vacation after all this ;)

    I’m having a “What’s on

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    I’m having a “What’s on your desk” moment and, for a change, feeling strangely invigorated this afternoon. Of course, the
    home office desk was picked up by the wife - something I REALLY appreciate. I’m working on an editing project and CANNOT work
    when surrounded by clutter. I get distracted. I thought about listing “general” groups of things…but then, how can you get a
    good idea of who a person is if you don’t explain EVERYTHING. Not only that but I tried to link as much as I could. I need a
    life. ;)


    Anyway, I currently have my laptop, a charging href="http://www.audiovox.com/cgi-bin/ncommerce3/ExecMacro/product_mainpage.d2w/input?prrfnbr=255&MainPage=catalog_wirelessTelephones_handheld.d2w&cat=596&submit.x=18&submit.y=18″>Audiovox
    cellphone, a vial of seasalt and a few drops of peppermint oil (keeps me awake and alert), a bottle of Aleve from a
    previous headache, a Sycom Total Recall 23
    personal voice recorder
    (for taking notes, recording interviews), J.K. Rowling’s href="http://www.comicrelief.co.uk/other/harry.shtml">2 Comic Relief books, href="http://www.llewellyn.com/bookstore/book.php3?pn=L128″>The Complete Book of Incense, Oils and Brews, href="http://www.llewellyn.com/bookstore/book.php3?pn=L050″>Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft (the BBB or Big Blue
    Book), a PowerComm 3000 surge protecter, a Sun Microsystems 19in monitor, a green Sony 1.44 floppy disk, the casette case for
    a mix a friend made for me in high school, a 100MB Zip Disk of my wedding pictures, a .5liter bottle of Poland Springs,
    pictures from DefCon 2 yrs back, a handcarved statue of an old whaler, a sculpture of a
    mouse my mother handmade when she was in high school, blank envelopes, a set of unplugged Altec Lansing speakers, 2 linings of
    a casette case for more high school mixes, a stapler, a picture of myself and the wife in Williamsburg dressed in colonial
    garb - picture frame says “In your eyes I see the First Day of Forever” *sigh*.

    SEVERAL business cards - both mine and others from years of conferences, a tiny wooden bench missing it’s dog and cat
    figurines that sit on it, Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical
    , XML by Example, Teach Yourself XML in 24 hrs., 2 notepads - one with scrawlings from this week’s work meetings and
    another with notes from herbalism class, manual for my old Motorola g520 cell phone, membership information for the href="http://www.umassalumni.com">UMass Alumni Association, manual for my Nomad
    that I haven’t used more than 10 times since I’ve gotten it, a Canon BJC-2010 printer missing the data cable, a
    box of Kleenex, a beige touch-tone phone, a SanDisk CompactFlash PC Card Adapter, an old, red Boy Scout Swiss Army Knife, a
    small box of four Energizer Industrial Alkaline AA batteries, a large Swingline stapler, a box of href="http://www.glico.co.jp/info/pocky/">Strawberry Pocky, another box of Reduced Fat Wheat Thins, the insert from an
    MSDN CD, an old IBM 1.44″ floppy disk, a Christmas Card “CD” from a reporter friend of mine, Adobe Photoshop 5.0 CD, a small
    12-CD black cloth case with assorted CDs stuffed in the slots and in the front, a CD of Gilberto & Getz, another 100MB disk,
    loose Massachusetts for Folk CD, a demo of the Wild Wild West PC game, CD of Jonatha Brooke’s Plumb, a blank CD no doubt
    containing a demo of a client’s software, another blank CD, a CDR with files from a 9/2000 backup of my machine, drivers for
    my 3Com Network card, a Sugar Hill Sampler, and the cover from Ken Goddard’s recent book “Outer Perimeter” - and that’s not


    It’s windy and snowy, and

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    It’s windy and snowy, and the power has been out in my house since late last night. The phones are up but the battery in my
    laptop about to die. Lots of wet snow on the ground. Pictures to come as soon as power goes back on.


    I keep thinking more and

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    I keep thinking more and more about the shooting and who’s to blame. And per usual, href="http://www.ellispaul.com/lyrics/pistol.html">Ellis Paul’s song comes to mind - you can listen to href="http://www.ellispaul.com/listen/autobiography-load.ra">a little bit here:

    Autobiography of a Pistol
    I'm a pistol, a forty-five,
    I just shot two men in this hot-house dive.
    Now I'm smoking - burning hot barrel of metal.
    Believe it or not, I was bought by this guy named Ray,
    a card carrying member of the NRA,

    But he left me out in his car one day, And now the finger on my trigger hasn’t seen it’s sixteenth birthday. Some things they never tell you when you’re riding the assembly line. Like who’ll be the hands to hold you and what’s their state of mind - - Hey, I’m not much bigger than a pointed index finger. So who am I to lay the blame? I’m only here to cause some pain…

    The sirens – I can hear them, they’re singing … They’re singing my song, “When the sun sets, I get upset –

    Darkness fills me and I want to light up the world"…

    Would you believe I’ve seen better days? I starred in westerns and won rave reviews. Now I sit on a shelf, tagged for judgment day. I’ve got to change the jury’s point of view. You see, guns don’t kill people, it’s the bullets that do. I said guns don’t kill people, bullets do. Yeah, the bullets do…

    Finally the snow has started.

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    Finally the snow has started. I peaked outside and saw snow blurring past the lights. Hopefully things will pick up.

    Picture taken at 7:00pm ET alt="Picture taken at 7:00pm ET">

    Jesus. Another school shooting. I’m

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    Jesus. Another school shooting. I’m ranting on MeFi.

    I stopped by Stop &

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    I stopped by Stop & Shop 2 hours ago to pick up some basics - milk, eggs, meat… I felt like such a cad going out with the
    threat of this blizzard. I walked through the store self concious of “buying before the storm".The lot at the store was
    definitely a lot more full then it has been when I’ve gone shopping on weekdays while working at home. I was hesitant to move
    my car out of the lot at the end of the street when I left for the store. The old folks home lets us park there during snow
    emergencies but as of now the street has been plowed and there’s no indication that I couldn’t have gone to the office let
    alone park in the street.

    Luckily I have a job where I can work at home with little problems.

    The Mayor of Boston said for everyone to be vigilant and to stay at home if they can. I’m pretty pissed at the poor predicting
    right now - this morning it was going to start at noon. A few hours ago it was 3pm. Now they’re saying the brunt will start
    tonight through tomorrow morning. More as it happens.

    Picture taken at 9:12am ET at the Stop & Shop in Peabody, MA

    Well, they’re calling for a

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    Well, they’re calling for a nasty blizzard here in MA. Right now we’re in a “lull” but I really wonder. The television and
    radio forcasters have really done a poor job this winter predicting snowfall. Connecticut has banned tractor trailers from the
    roadways and the City of Boston and href="http://www.state.ma.us">State of MA has declared a “ href="http://www.ottawacitizen.com/editorials/010305/5039972.html">State of Emergency“. The City of Salem has a parking
    ban but I did drive my wife to the commuter rail this morning albeit begrudgingly. Apparently MIT doesn’t close if the
    President can get to work. And his house is on campus. I’m watching WCVB right now which has href="http://www.thebostonchannel.com/bos/news/stories/news-52309620010304-120322.html">great details on their Web site.

    Click for<br />
larger image - pictures taken at 0700 am ET” border= src="/images/snow030501/frontofhouse0700.jpg” alt="Click for larger image - Pictures taken at 0700 am ET” border="0″>


    I think I’ve been sleeping

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    I think I’ve been sleeping a little TOO soundly lately. See, I need href="http://www.howstuffworks.com/question47.htm">white noise to sleep soundly. In the summer and early fall, it’s the
    air conditioner while in the winter and early spring it’s the humidifier.

    I was told last week by my neighbors that a 5-car accident happened in the early morning hours and this morning, my wife
    and father-in-law moved around all the furniture in our guest room including a very-heavy antique bed. Never heard a

    Nor did I hear a reckless driver sideswipe my neighbor’s car, taking off a side-view mirror, and our car ripping off a panel
    and leaving several scrapes. I decided to take a page from the book of one of my new href="http://www.cbs.com/primetime/csi/">favorite shows. The wife was smart and href="http://www.kodak.com/cgi-bin/webCatalog.pl?section=&cc=US&lc=en&product=KODAK+DC3400+Zoom+Digital+Camera">grabbed the
    digital camera taking pictures of all the damage and part of the tire-tracks in the snow. The snow had melted by the time
    I got up but I decided to see if I could get the whole scene.

    The driver must have been going fast because he left a lot of tire marks - not black tar marks but white, like the pavement
    was ripped up. I think they blew a tire or something because the car was right around the corner. I was too chicken to go out
    the first time because some guy was sitting on the corner where the car was smoking a cigarette looking at me funny. I waited
    until he was gone before I headed out again and I peaked around the corner where a tow truck was picking up the car.
    Apparently the police already checked out the car this morning. Should be interesting to find out if the person was tanked or
    not - the tire marks are all swervy.

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