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    It’s been a LONG, busy,

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    It’s been a LONG, busy, and tiring week. I’ve been to two fabulous holiday parties - one for work at a coworker’s house and
    one for my wife’s office at MIT’s Endicott House.
    “Wow” is all I can say.

    I’m going to see Jennifer Kimball at the href="http://www.natickarts.org">Natick Center for the Arts tonight and I was listening to her and some href="http://www.ellispaul.com">Ellis Paul today (Jennifer did a lot of backup singing for Ellis) who I will see January
    30th at Club Passim.

    I heard Ellis live once at the Iron Horse Music Hall and I remember his song “ href="http://www.ellispaul.com/lyrics/dontbreathe.html">Don’t Breathe” being particularly striking and vivid. As I listen
    to it today, it still evokes strong feelings on what the meaning of true love is from the perspective of youth. Listen, enjoy,
    and reminisce.


    Got quoted in a NY

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    Got quoted in a NY Times article about
    creditcards.com being compromised, extorted for money and having cc numbers publically posted on the Web.

    An online security expert said such attacks could largely be avoided if companies kept sensitive data on computers separate
    from those running their Web sites. “Your credit card is only as secure as the Web site it’s going on,” said the expert, B. K.
    DeLong of Attrition.org, a nonprofit computer security site.


    Here’s a fabulous article about

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    Here’s a fabulous article about href="http://www.hipiers.com/">Piers Anthony’s world of Xanth books. Like
    the article’s author, I too discovered Xanth while in high school. I was working at a summer camp when I read a friend’s
    3-copy collection. When I got back I immediately started from book one and got caught up. Just last week, I started rereading
    Book 1 of Anthony’s “Incarnations of Immortality” series titled “ href="http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0345338588/brainstream">On a Pale Horse.”


    This is incredibly so true…..so

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    This is incredibly so true…..so true:

    “PR ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE FOR A DOT-COM STARTUP - Here’s the perfect job for people who want the worst of all
    worlds. For starters, everyone hates flacks. Journalists hate them because they think they’re incompetent whores.
    Businesspeople hate them because they think they’re incompetent whores. And flacks hate themselves because deep down inside
    they suspect that they might be incompetent whores. But what’s particularly bad about doing publicity for Internet startups is
    that everyone in the media has already heard every story with every angle about every product and every service a thousand
    times and never wants to hear from another PR firm as long as they live.

    But flacks can’t explain this problem to their nitwit 23-year-old CEO clients because the CEOs have all persuaded
    themselves that their generic success story is the stuff of legend. Flacks get personally abused by clients, insulted by
    journalists, stiffed out of their fees by customers, ridiculed by colleagues, and humiliated by their superiors. One flack for
    a major software company says her boss got so upset that he ordered her to attend charm school. Another had to go shopping for
    underwear for a skivvy-less journalist. How uncouth. All in all, being a dot-com flack is exactly like being a whore, except
    the hours are worse.”


    Where were these guys when

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    Where were these guys when the href="http://www.webstadards.org">Web Standards Project was being

    The Web Standards Project (including

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    The Web Standards Project (including me) issued a href="http://www.webstandards.org/netscape6.html">statement today praising Netscape for trying to further Web standards
    integration in their latest browser but now encouraging Web developers to take up the call to standards and begin developing
    sites that use as much of the standard as possible, avoiding proprietary code. This was covered briefly in a statement we made
    in a News.com article by Paul Festa that he was writing about
    the subject.


    I just filled out 6

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    I just filled out 6 raffle tickets to support Animal Umbrella, a rescue
    organization for cats in Massachusetts. Take a look at their adorable
    and give a donation if you can.

    BrainStream is happy to be

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    BrainStream is happy to be contributing to and hosting the Harry Potter weblog “ href="http://www.the-leaky-cauldron.org">The Leaky Cauldron“. If you have any news about the upcoming href="http://www.harrypotter.com">Harry Potter movie, the two
    “short” stories
    due in March, the next book coming out in November 2001 or the deluge of href="http://www.wbstore.com">merchandise, do share!

    I’ve archived my “Day Without

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    I’ve archived my “Day Without Weblogs” page.

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