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    Wow. It looks like someone

    Filed under: B.K. DeLong @ 4:41:22 pm

    Wow. It looks like someone pieced together the entire plot for Star Wars,
    Episode 2. Lucas is going to be pissed if this is real.

    w00p! We’ve finally created an

    Filed under: B.K. DeLong @ 2:45:23 pm

    w00p! We’ve finally created an outlet for venting about the computer security industry at href="http://www.attrition.org">Attrition.org. (As if Errata wasn’t
    enough.) Subscribe to “ href="http://www.attrition.org/security/commentary/">Defaced Commentary” and find out news and views regarding
    high-profile and interesting defacements as well as trends and statistics.

    Tomorrow is World Aids Day.

    Filed under: B.K. DeLong @ 2:38:17 pm

    Tomorrow is World Aids Day. href="http://web.mit.edu/womensleague/worldaidsday/index.html">How will you be href="http://www.bradlands.com/dww/about.html">participating ?

    Very interesting. I went over

    Filed under: B.K. DeLong @ 12:15:51 pm

    Very interesting. I went over to the Harry Potter Wizard Store and in
    their “Books” section
    they’re selling a bunch of Llewellyn Publication books. Llewellyn is best known for the
    vast amount of books they publish for those who practice the religion of Wicca or
    I wonder if Llewellyn will capitalize on the Harry Potter phenomena and if we’ll see similar trends of youth
    looking at Wicca as a religion that resulted from movies like “The
    ” and TV shows like “Charmed” and “ href="http://www.kdaf.com/entertainment/wb/sabrina/">Sabrina the Teenage Witch“.


    Today is “Movie Day” here

    Filed under: B.K. DeLong @ 9:44:25 am

    Today is “Movie Day” here at Brain Stream. I saw “The Mummy” over the holiday
    and thought it was a pretty fun movie. Now the href="http://www.apple.com/trailers/universal/the_mummy_returns/480.html">trailer for “ href="http://filmforce.ign.com/mummy2/">The Mummy Returns” is already out. Not bad…

    Popcorn UK gives us a

    Filed under: B.K. DeLong @ 9:16:33 am

    Popcorn UK gives us a glimpse of href="http://filmforce.ign.com/news/1697.html">Hagrid’s Hut for the upcoming Harry Potter movie. (Courtesy of href="http://filmforce.ign.com">IGN FilmForce.)

    I watched the trailer for

    Filed under: B.K. DeLong @ 9:01:54 am

    I watched the trailer for the href="http://www.seednd.com">Dungeons & Dragons movie due out December 8th and was blown away. It’s VERY impressive and
    I’m looking forward to seeing it.

    I’ve returned from a fabulous

    Filed under: B.K. DeLong @ 9:00:04 am

    I’ve returned from a fabulous (and much needed) vacation in California. More pictures to come as well as more postings.


    As I mentioned in the

    Filed under: B.K. DeLong @ 2:59:00 am

    As I mentioned in the previous post, I am visiting Kirky’s family in California. Well, it’s more beautiful than I could
    have imagined. Armed with the new digital camera, I’ve taken many pictures, the first of which are href="http://www.brain-stream.com/2000/pictures/November/">in this gallery with more to come.


    Last week was a crazy

    Filed under: B.K. DeLong @ 2:14:46 am

    Last week was a crazy week. Wednesday night I trekked up to Portland Maine to catch a href="http://www.catiecurtis.com/">Catie Curtis and Dar Williams concert with
    the friend from my high school days who introduced me to them and her wife.

    Then I sped back to the house so I could get some work done in the morning. Absolutely fabulous time. Portland is a
    gorgeous place with Victorian houses everwhere. Though I was up pretty late, it was nice to do something different for a

    I got my hairs cut, bought the digital camera the wife and
    I have been promising ourselves for our birthdays this past Spring, and got my Christmas present from Kirky early. I spent the
    day prepping my MP3s to go onto the Nomad Jukebox - it has to charge
    for 12hrs straight so I couldn’t take it to work. But it’s got these nifty headphones that wrap around the back of the head
    and curl over the ears. They’re also pretty damn good considering how small and light they are.

    Last week was the week for new toys. I also got an href="http://www.audiovox.com/cgi-bin/ncommerce3/ExecMacro/product_mainpage.d2w/input?prrfnbr=255&MainPage=catalog_wirelessTelephones_handheld.d2w&cat=596&submit.x=18&submit.y=18″>AudioVox
    CDM-9000 Tri-Mode digital phone for work. We switched from VoiceScream to Verizon because they kept shutting us off.

    All of this is in preparation for heading out West to have Thanksgiving with my brother-in-law and his wife as well as my
    father-in-law’s side of the family. His house backs up into a Girl Scout camp. It’s closed for the season, and there’s a LOT
    of woods to visit and enjoy. It’s gorgeous out here and a nice contrast to Boston.


    Not sure if everyone heard

    Filed under: B.K. DeLong @ 7:16:43 pm

    Not sure if everyone heard the hullabaloo but allegedly Bush signed a bill while in office passed by the 75th State
    Legislature in 1997 that basically says a hand recount is more accurate to an electronic recount. href="http://www.capitol.state.tx.us/tlo/75R/billtext/HB00331F.HTM">I found a copy of the bill at the href="http://www.capitol.state.tx.us/">Texas Legislature Web site. Here’s a the section:

    41-13          (d)  If different counting methods are chosen under Section
    41-14    214.042(a) among multiple requests for a recount of electronic
    41-15    voting system results, only one method may be used in the recount.
    41-16    A manual recount shall be conducted in preference to an electronic
    41-17    recount and an electronic recount using a corrected program shall
    41-18    be conducted in preference to an electronic recount using the same
    41-19    program as the original count.


    Oh….my…..god. Could it get any

    Filed under: B.K. DeLong @ 7:25:56 pm

    Oh….my…..god. Could it get any worse? CNN is now reporting that href="http://www.cnn.com/2000/ALLPOLITICS/stories/11/10/newmexico.vote/index.html">New Mexico is whigging on their initial
    claim that Gore won the state. A judge has granted
    an injunction
    to hold the Palm Beach vote from being officially certified. Thank god this will all be over by at least href="http://www.nara.gov/fedreg/elctcoll/faq.html#process">December 18. Stay tuned for href="http://www.voterfraud.org">VoterFraud.org.


    Don’t like your current choice

    Filed under: B.K. DeLong @ 3:06:19 pm

    Don’t like your current choice of conspiracies in Florida? Wait a while… A ballot box href="http://www.cnn.com/2000/ALLPOLITICS/stories/11/08/ballotbox.found/">was found to be left behind at a church in
    Florida. Next….?

    Here’s a copy of the

    Filed under: B.K. DeLong @ 1:25:20 pm

    Here’s a copy of the offending ballot in Florida. I’ll be the first to admit that I cruised
    through filling out my votes yesterday - it reminded me of taking an easy multiple choice test in college. However in quickly
    looking at that ballot, I would have expected the “punch” for the right-hand column to be on the right-hand side of that
    column. At a quick glance, I would have screwed up as well.

    I have successfully proved, yet

    Filed under: B.K. DeLong @ 11:31:04 am

    I have successfully proved, yet again, that there are some days I
    shouldn’t be allowed near a computer. Besides a duplicate MeFi post, I’ve also sent an e-mail response to someone I didn’t
    mean to. Time for a walk….off that pier down the street.

    First it was confusion over

    Filed under: B.K. DeLong @ 10:54:52 am

    First it was confusion over the ballot in Palm Beach county. Now it’s href="http://www.herald.com/broward.htm?content/today/news/broward/digdocs/072105.htm">missing ballot boxes. Next, please.

    As everyone waits with baited

    Filed under: B.K. DeLong @ 10:19:41 am

    As everyone waits with baited breath for the results of the Presidential election, Eileen McNamara has href="http://www.boston.com/dailyglobe2/313/metro/Let_s_vote_out_anachronismP.shtml">written an excellent column about how
    the electoral college needs to be done away with. I was just thinking this morning - how ridiculous is it that someone can win
    the popular vote but lose the election? There’s no law that says electoral representatives are beholden to your vote either.
    These are serious issues that need to be addressed. I’ll most likely create and electoral education page after the election is
    over with and perhaps there will be a big effort to get it overturned.

    Quite the travesty is going

    Filed under: B.K. DeLong @ 9:58:03 am

    Quite the travesty is going on in Florida.
    With Gore and Bush less than a thousand votes apart, the potential that many people voted for Buchanan instead of Gore due to
    a confusing ballot could create the need for a revote. How aphalling if this could make the difference between Bush or Gore.


    Tsk, tsk. The GOP Web

    Filed under: B.K. DeLong @ 11:20:50 am

    Tsk, tsk. The GOP Web site was href="http://www.attrition.org/mirror/attrition/2000/11/06/www.gop.org/">defaced last night. In a href="http://www.boston.com/campaign2000/news/republican_web_site_hacked.shtml">Reuters report this morning, they’re
    blaming the Democratic party. What a bunch of morons.


    Interesting. HTML Basic is at

    Filed under: B.K. DeLong @ 7:02:52 pm

    Interesting. HTML Basic is at the Proposed Recommendation stage at the href="http://www.w3.org">W3C. It’s been my hope that HTML Basic will replace the abysmal WAP Markup Language (WML)
    currently used for wireless phones and other WAP-enabled devices. When I have some time, I’ll write up a review of it with any

    This past week has been

    Filed under: B.K. DeLong @ 9:10:59 am

    This past week has been a busy one with Homecoming at my alma mater, and a fabulous
    performance of the UMass Marching Band and a heightening of activity in the
    Israeli/Palestinian online jihad resulting in me speaking with two reporters: one from the href="http://www.nytimes.com/2000/11/03/technology/03HACK.html">New York Times and another from the href="http://www.usatoday.com/life/cyber/tech/cti762.htm">Associated Press. Work, of
    course, was as busy as ever. But that’s to be expected.


    Today is a day of

    Filed under: B.K. DeLong @ 1:18:24 am

    Today is a day of reflection. A day to remember those from the past. In the last few days, I have come across many such
    important people who have contributed to my past. One spent the weekend as a guest in my home. I knew her in my high school
    days. Another has yet to know that I’ve rediscovered her but she was a good friend that I had some great times with in

    Here’s to friends - past, present and future.

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