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    In the beginning……..there was flow.

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    In the beginning……..there was flow. Massive amounts of it in fact. So much so that I, B.K. DeLong, have the short-term
    memory of a flea. It drives me nuts. But such is the life of a researcher.
    Sometimes you get so much in your noggin that it pushes everything else out. It gives new meaning to “in one ear and out the

    The purpose of creating this blog (and this Web site) is to give me some personal space to let loose. That and because I spend
    all day surfing the Web, I come across some really cool stuff, inevitably forget to bookmark it, and then spend 15 minutes
    pouring over my bookmarks trying to figure out where that cool page that did that thing that I really liked went…..because I
    could have sworn I bookmarked it. Really… I did.

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