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    Homestar & TMBG

    Filed under: B.K. DeLong @ 1:07:25 pm

    Speaking of Strong Bad being a favorite, I can’t get enough of this recent collaboration between Homestarrunner.com and They Might Be Giants. The Brothers Chaps animated a video of the new TMBG single from “The Spine” called “Experimental Film” - definitely check it out.


    Making Fiends

    Filed under: B.K. DeLong @ 6:57:02 am

    I don’t look forward to much except maybe my Penny Arcade fix or
    the latest Strong Bad flash - but probably my most
    favorite online comic/flash I happily anticipate is “Making Fiends“.
    Here’s author Amy Winfrey’s Web site. Harry
    Potter FF fans, think “Slytherin meets MarySue Hufflepuff". It’s fun, delightfully evil and it takes me hours to stop speaking
    in Vendetta’s accent.


    Attrition vs. Chick-Fil-A

    Filed under: B.K. DeLong @ 11:49:37 am

    Its things like this that make me reminisce being part of the Attrition.org staff. Its pretty much a one-man show these
    days with Brian Martin running things. Here’s his latest bit of sarcasm, sharp wit, and curmudgeoness - Chick-Fil-A threatens to sue

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