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    My Own Personal Library

    Filed under: B.K. DeLong @ 8:31:24 pm

    So my mind is lingering in FOAF extension for
    defining often changing variables in FOAF” target="_blank">MeNow land
    . All of href="http://www.brain-stream.com/blog/archives/000249.html” title="BrainStream: Quiet is Loud” target="_blank">this
    waiting has gotten me anxious and bored so I’ve decided to pick up a book for a bit. Which reminded me to go to href="http://www.allconsuming.net” target="_blank” title="AllConsuming.Net">AllConsuming and mark that I was currently
    reading it. Then that made me think - so how would I get this in my MeNow document? I’d have to handcode the href="http://schema.peoplesdns.com/menow/#reading” target="_blank">MeNow:isReading entry and get all the metadata for the
    book. Pleh. TimeConsuming, if you ask me.

    At some point I’ll be making a personal database of my book collection. It’s huge and I often forget just how much I have -
    if I did, I’d spend less time on the machine and more reading. But think of it - I go to my “MeNow Dashboard” which has a
    pulldown yanking data from some MySQL DB of books under the isReading item and all I have to do is select “ href="http://allconsuming.net/item.cgi?isbn=0060974109″ title="AllConsuming Profile: The Woman of Wyrrd by Lynn V. Andrews”
    target="_blank">The Woman of Wyrrd by Lynn V. Andrews” and the ISBN added to my
    MeNow:isReading. Of course, futuristically-thinking….I’d have some sort of device either on me or on the book to say when I
    was reading it - if I were really lazy. I could totally see me eventually wearing an target="_blank” title="EyeTap is a device which allows, in a sense, the eye itself to function as both a display and a
    camera.” >EyeTap
    instead of glasses someday.


    Replacement Tech Editing

    Filed under: B.K. DeLong @ 10:52:33 pm

    It’s been quite a few years since I’ve done any real title="Technical Editors’ Eyrie: About Technical Editing">Technical Editing. Since the href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dot-com” title="Wikipedia: Dot-com” target="_blank">dot-bomb, there hasn’t been any
    need to and I’ve always gotten my fix at work with
    Intranet documentation.

    This puppy speaks to my literary heart. I will admit I haven’t read many classics, but I love to read. That combined with
    my need to get back into editing makes Project Gutenberg’s href="http://www.pgdp.net/">Distributed Proofing damn cool.

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