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    In the Big Apple

    Filed under: B.K. DeLong @ 1:14:03 pm

    I will be in NYC all weekend, without - believe it or not - my laptop. This is a big step for Internet-addicted me though I
    wouldn’t be surprised if I sneak someone else’s maching or pop into a Web cafe.

    Feel free to contact me via my cell - +1.617.797.2472 - or IM me as my wife will be home monitoring my machine.


    ADMIN: Catestrophic Data Failure

    Filed under: B.K. DeLong @ 1:30:16 pm

    I hate Windows.

    I came down at about 4am while feeding my son to see that my machine couldn’t find my harddrive. Yay. I decided to ignore
    it until morning only to find that the HD has been corrupt. So I went out to grab a USB External HD case and mount it on
    Kirky’s laptop.

    Trying various shareware/freeware data recovery programs - GetDataBack at the moment - to see if it works. If I have the
    drive plugged in, Windows takes a LONG time recognizing it’s even there…and even then doesn’t let me do anything. We’ll

    Last resort is data recovery service.


    BrainStream has New Home - Mine

    Filed under: B.K. DeLong @ 10:52:02 pm

    BrainStream now resides at my house, on my own Web server. No more dealing with quotas or annoying Web hosting companies.
    If the server goes down - it’s most likely my fault. I have to make this quick, because the wife would like me to come to

    Loads of new things including a FOAF file and MovableType. See “ href="http://www.brain-stream.com/about/site/">About this Site” for more information.

    To come? A lot more including politics & religion - the two big no-nos, and a look into my voyage towards becoming a
    father. More geek-tools like making use of FOAF, creating my OWN RSS feeds and diving into the Semantic Web.

    Oh yeah - and you can now leave comments…..so say hello.

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