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    BrainDump: Space & GPS

    Filed under: B.K. DeLong @ 11:20:33 am

    A quick braindump of sorts as I have a lot of other things to talk about at some point including my son’s “1 month
    birthday” and my 5th anniversary with Kirky as well as BrainStream’s fourth birthday.

    I watched Mission to Mars last night and got thinking about space travel - especially since the world’s first commercial
    space launch happened today - though, in my opinion it’s been getting startlingly little coverage. As I write this, news is
    being spread all over the globe that SpaceShipOne has punched through space and has successfully landed right where it took

    To bring this back to FOAF and the Internet, what about Interplanetary and Space-based IP? We’re going to have to turn to
    IPv6 to get .luna, .earth , .mars (it was suggested to me .luna instead of .moon because other planets have moons). And GPS -
    how is GPS measured on the moon? on Mars? And what about spatial location in space itself? In orbit or travelling.

    Always have to think ahead.

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