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    Back on the Wagon, Again

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    Well, this morning I’ve started back on track to “improve my way of eating". I say “Way of Eating” because it’s not any particular diet per se. It’s modified South Beach Diet (SBD) if you want to label it but basically it’s just good food sense - low fat, low carb, no hydrogenated oils, lots of water & omega 3s.

    I gave up on SBD the day Will was born because a combination of things - 1) I was in the mood to celebrate and reward myself, 2) I didn’t want to have to think about eating or cooking, 3) It was just easier. Well, it was easier until the cravings came back. About a month ago I started to have an ice cream sunday every Friday & the week Kirky was gone in California I was a horrible, horrible sugar/snack binging fiend.

    I haven’t weighed myself recently but I probably gained about 15lbs back which would put me at about 280lbs total. I think my lowest was 264lbs. Anyway, its not just about the weight. As much as I love all the junk it seriously effects my blood sugar and puts me into these draining “food comas” after meals. I daresay it even contributes to my lethargy & poor moods.

    Luckily, I’m starting back up pretty quickly so the weight gained doesn’t have time to, er, get stored & solidify. However exercise will be interesting - since I haven’t done my walks since May, I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to cope with the heat.


    Low Carb Corn - Not Really Sure

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    href="http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2004/05/040505071017.htm">Low Carb corn? I’m not so sure about GMing food to
    make it low carb. It’s…..unnatural.

    That’s what bugged the snot out of me while doing Atkins. All of these Atkins friendly products have sugar replaced with
    Sugar Alcohol and various checmicals to make it “lower carb” and I didn’t really think about it until I fell off the wagon for
    the second time - hard.

    Then I finally went on South Beach for a few months and learned a new way of eating. Good carbs, high fiber, low fat, and
    lean meats are the way to go. I will admit I do have target="_blank">Fat Free, No Sugar Added Edys on occasion though we just got an Ice Cream Maker from my In-Laws so I’m
    going to try and make my own. I also have the Carb Counter bread but it’s 100% Whole Wheat - good carbs and they don’t add any

    I mean, hell - we still don’t know how GM foods will effect the human body. We’re still in the midst of testing and who
    knows over a generation or two whether we will have doomed the human race.


    Happy Birthday to….my Gastric Juices

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    So yeah, it was my birthday yesterday. Because I’m lazy - target="_blank” title="B.K. DeLong’s Amazon.com Wishlist">always go to my wish list to find out what I want or need. I
    update this on a daily basis and use it to store anything that looks intriguing and rank them from “Must Have” to “Don’t buy
    for me". Keep in mind the most recent additions are the ones I’m currently most interested in.

    Anyway, the real purpose of this post. My gift to myself - food. I’ve lost roughly 45lbs since January 5th, 2004 on href="http://allconsuming.net/item.cgi?isbn=1579546463″ target="_blank” title-"The South Beach Diet: The Delicious,
    Doctor-Designed, Foolproof Plan for Fast and Healthy Weight Loss by Arthur Agatston.">the South Beach Diet as previously
    mentioned. I wanted to take a binge break to keep muself from truly falling off the wagon this day. So I did and here’s a bit
    of what I treated myself to:

    Tuesday - At Baby-Prep Class

    • A Chocolate Chip Cookie
    • A Date Cookie


    • Lunch with manager - Fried Cod sandwich on a hamburger bun with mayo
    • French Fried
    • Dinner - a Hamburger Pizza and small chicken wings from local pizza place.

    Friday - The Birthday

    • Bought 2 dozen + 1 Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Ate 6 for myself over the morning and left the rest for friends at work. I used to do
      fundraising with Boy Scouts where we sold boxs of these things out front of Supermarkets and we’d end up with several dozen in
      our freezer for weeks afterwards. Heavenly.
    • Was feeling both full and slightly ill from doughnuts. Had a Thai Chicken Wrap for lunch.
    • Had a small piece of my own cake - Chocolate Flourless - that my wife bought for me. Absolutely scrumtious though I
      sabotaged true enjoyment with doughnut indulgence. Described by Milk
      Street Cafe
      as “Rich, dark, fudgy chocolate cake topped with white chocolate mousse and chocolate ganache. Made with a
      pound of chocolate in every cake!”
    • Ordered Chinese Food for dinner - General Gao Chicken, House Special Fried Rice, Beef Lo Mein, and Crab Rangoon.


    • Lo mein and leftover pizza for breakfast.

    Tonight is a planned foray to Macaroni Grill. I will certainly enjoy that.

    Now, the interesting thing about this is the food tastes good but I have no urge to continue eating like this. When I did
    Atkins, every few months I’d go on a massive binge and fall off it. With South Beach, I’m almost ready to go back.
    I think the fact that I’ve lost so much weight with a balanced diet and whole foods, my body doesn’t feel deprived. Yay


    Atkins - the beginning.

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    Vindication - 15lbs gone, 85 to go.

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